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Bless Your Heart
Winds of Change
The paranormal, Shamanism, and metaphysics, have always attracted me.  Today I'm learning dejimbe drumming and to follow my heart.  Yesterday, well, yesterday I was many things, teacher, counselor, wholesale foliage grower, secretary, student, advisor, telephone solicitor, (who hasn't been?) cashier in a movie theater, property manager.  Lover, friend, sister, cousin, aunt, the list goes on for all of us.  Many roles we play and what counts is the stories that remain.  Our own stories and those who share our days and nights.  Life is but a dream.  Figuring out who is the dreamer and who is the dream is the challenge.

Today I enjoy myself and write some of those stories to share with others.  I love to make people laugh and think all good stories involve humor, along with tears.  I enjoy encouraging other blossoming writers, sometimes copyedit. 

The Winds of Change have blown through my life and when the layers of dust settle, I find I'm the same person, only different somehow.  My winds are often Heyoka, or Trickster, winds, bringing laughter at my own follies, experiences I could never have predicted, and unexpected beauty and joy.  I am grateful for all, grateful to enjoy the breeze, grateful to be blown back on course when I drift.

May the Winds of Change blow gently through your life and bring you beauty and happiness all your days.

"The Skull" winner of the Flights Of Fantasy contest.
These slice-of-life stories and poems offer brief glimpses into the ordinary lives of extraordinary people. Feel their emotions of redemption, loss, joy, betrayal, sorrow and love, normally unseen as you pass them every day.
The Skull
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