The Winners of The 2015 Bookfest Fantasy, Science Fiction, Urban fantasy, Paranormal or Romance Fantasy Contest Are....

You are invited to our 2nd Annual Indie Author Day, on Saturday, October 14, 2017, from 11:00am to 1:00pm. This workshop for authors will be hosted by Writers One Flight Up, and will feature moderated discussions and webinars on the following topics:
The Mount Dora Library Association is our workshop sponsor, and will be providing light refreshments. No registration is required. There will not be any book sales at this workshop, but the moderators will ask for your feedback on a possible author expo in January. Please join us for two hours of lively discussion!

And the Winners are.....
of the 2017 Nano Fiction Writers Contest

Winners of the Southern Gothic Contest

1st place: Mark McWaters for Family Matters
2nd place: Victoria Nations for Mama
3rd place: C. Terese Teisberg for Patience, Appreciation, and the Bomb

Honorable Mentions

Judy Lindquist for The Lighthouse
Violet Irminger for Shattered Dreams, Broken Lives
Rebecca Vining for The Infernal Hunnicuts

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"It Happened in Mount Dora"
Winners pictured left to right

1st. place winner:        Elise Van Cise
2nd place winner:        Ann Stewart
3rd place winner:        Joyce Axelson
Honorable mention:        Carol Daub

pictured left to right
1st place winner:         Sally May
2nd place winner:  Andrea Adams
3rd place winner:  John Markham
Honorable Mention: Rachael Williams

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