The Winners of The 2015 Bookfest Fantasy, Science Fiction, Urban fantasy, Paranormal or Romance Fantasy Contest Are....

The Winners of the 2018 Poetry in the Garden Contest!

Winners of the Southern Gothic Contest

1st place: Mark McWaters for Family Matters
2nd place: Victoria Nations for Mama
3rd place: C. Terese Teisberg for Patience, Appreciation, and the Bomb

Honorable Mentions

Judy Lindquist for The Lighthouse
Violet Irminger for Shattered Dreams, Broken Lives
Rebecca Vining for The Infernal Hunnicuts

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In the over 18 category
1st Place: Tina Sacco
2nd Place: Fern Goodman
3rd Place: Janet Kabourek
Honorable Mention: Karen Larkey
Honorable Mention: Peter Mingay
Honorable Mention: Laura Sobbott Ross

In the under 18 category
1st Place: Connor Eickelman
2nd Place: Penny Duran

Orlando's First Poet Laureate, Susan Lilly, a Florida native, spoke about poetry and read a selection of her works.

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