Nancy Riikonen
Photo courtesy of Michelle Pedone
It's been written, by those who claim to know, that I have a dry, sly wit and a somewhat bent sense of humor. Perhaps. It also has been written that I have put pen to paper regarding some historical events from my past and foolishly continue to pursue this same field of endeavor. This is true and speaks loudly to my lack of interest and confidence in the future.

But the real story about my writing experiences are as follows:

is for those wonderful Wednesdays when we read our exquisite words to one another.
is for the orator that I cannot claim to be-but I can opine when the onus is on me. Oh brother!
is for the fun and frivolity we agree to and the friends we hope we'll make along the way.
is for the unfathomable, unwavering and unflagging spirit that keeps us writing day after day...after day.
And that spells-Writers One Flight Up!

*Can be sung to the tune "M is for Mother" if you wish.
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