JL Rehman
JL Rehman
Insanity Road
JL Rehman is the owner and publisher of Partners In Crime Publishers and a Chief Instructor for Strategic Outfitters, LLC.
She has a background in law enforcement and lives in the vanishing rurals of central Florida.
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Partners In Crime Publishers presents: The third novel in the series, The Vega Diaries.
Insanity Road
In 1970s rural central Florida, Roy Vega and his two younger brothers, Ricky and Eddie, live their lives dominated by their mother, Bella—a serial killer. With the boys along for deception, Bella drives the local highways trolling for young female runaways who feel safe accepting a ride from a woman with three kids—young girls who will star in Bella's "rituals."
The first novel in this Florida Crime Fiction series, The Vega Diaries.
Fired from his gallery job, Joe Salas' art ambitions seem canned as well. Forced back home with his estranged, aging dad, Joe paints himself into even more trouble with his stunning—and gruesome new career. Who will catch on?
His nosey neighbor?
Or the police?

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The second novel in the Florida Crime Fiction series, The Vega Diaries.
Blood of Belladonna
Artist Joe Salas' big problem: convincing the police that his snoopy home-nudist neighbor Dee Dee Turner-complaining about dead people in his shed-is crazy.
Detective Croy thinks she's telling the truth. He just can't prove it. Yet.
When Joe's long-lost cousins, Roy and Eddie Vega, show up looking for their brother Ricky, things get desperate. Joe's dead sure where Ricky is. And Roy and Eddie have their own family secret.
It runs in the
JL Rehman's first crime fiction novel
Promises were made.

Through an agonizing trial and public display of their family's trauma, the State assured the Liddell family closure. They were not only denied closure, they were forced to deal with the reality that the offender, John Harley, was free to live his life as if nothing happened.

George Liddell couldn't imagine it getting any worse. He, as well as law enforcement, never imagined online child predators uniting for a common goal, or who was secretly involved either.
The case caught the attention of a local reporter who saw it as an opportunity to further his own agenda.

No Middle Ground
And in the center of it all was ten-year-old Jerry, a statistic of the justice system, a commodity of a new criminal enterprise, and the obsession of John Harley who was determined to get Jerry back.

John Harley's partner, Bill Emmons, had other plans for Jerry; plans that would be revealed while 20 thousand feet above the Atlantic where no one would be able to interrupt him. So he thought.

Snared by a conspiracy of online predators, ten-year-old Jerry's rescue uncovers a sinister brotherhood.

Drawn from actual investigations, this story explores the people, places, and practices of a hidden world.

Fighting the odds against freeing Jerry, Special Agent Cole puts his career and his life on the line.

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