April Johnson
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April Johnson's career as a journalist has carried her from Anchorage, Alaska, to  Vietnam, to the civil war ravaged country of Biafra. She has filed stories and columns for Anchorage Daily News, the Miami Herald and radio station WKAT, the CBS Radio affiliate in Maimi.

She has dodged ground fire, been captured and held against her will, learned to fly fish, served as the scribe for the king and queen of Nepal, and relocated wild moose
-this after palpitating the females to check for pregnancy.

Truman Capote became her housemate in Coconut Grove, Florida, for two weeks and returned for visits for years after that. She became Capote's "go to girl" whenever he was in Miami and became "incapacitated."

April arrived in Mount Dora in 1995 after Hurricane Andrew flooded her home.
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